Missing-Data Imputation

New book by Stef van Buuren on missing-data imputation looks really good! by Andrew Gelman.

From the post:

Ben points us to a new book, Flexible Imputation of Missing Data. It’s excellent and I highly recommend it. Definitely worth the $89.95. Van Buuren’s book is great even if you don’t end up using the algorithm described in the book (I actually like their approach but I do think there are some limitations with their particular implementation, which is one reason we’re developing our own package); he supplies lots of intuition, examples, and graphs.

Steve Newcomb makes the point that data is dirty. Always.

Stef van Buuren suggests that data may be missing and requires imputation.

Together that means dirty data may be missing and requires imputation.


Imputed or not, data is no more reliable than we are. Use with caution.

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