Ready to Contribute to Apache Hadoop 2.0?

User feedback is a contribution to a software project.

Software can only mature with feedback, your feedback.

Otherwise the final deliverable has a “works on my machine” outcome.

Don’t let Apache Hadoop 2.0 have a “works on my machine” outcome.

Download the preview and contribute your experiences back to the community.

We will all be glad you did!


Hortonworks Data Platform 2.0 Alpha is Now Available for Preview! by Jeff Sposetti.

From the post:

We are very excited to announce the Alpha release of the Hortonworks Data Platform 2.0 (HDP 2.0 Alpha).

HDP 2.0 Alpha is built around Apache Hadoop 2.0, which improves availability of HDFS with High Availability for the NameNode along with several performance and reliability enhancements. Apache Hadoop 2.0 also significantly advances data processing in the Hadoop ecosystem with the introduction of YARN, a generic resource-management and application framework to support MapReduce and other paradigms such as real-time processing and graph processing.

In addition to Apache Hadoop 2.0, this release includes the essential Hadoop ecosystem projects such as Apache HBase, Apache Pig, Apache Hive, Apache HCatalog, Apache ZooKeeper and Apache Oozie to provide a fully integrated and verified Apache Hadoop 2.0 stack

Apache Hadoop 2.0 is well on the path to General Availability, and is already deployed at scale in several organizations; but it won’t get to the current maturity levels of the Hadoop 1.0 stack (available in Hortonworks Data Platform 1.x) without feedback and contributions from the community.

Hortonworks strongly believes that for open source technologies to mature and become widely adopted in the enterprise, you must balance innovation with stability. With HDP 2.0 Alpha, Hortonworks provides organizations an easy way to evaluate and gain experience with the Apache Hadoop 2.0 technology stack, and it presents the perfect opportunity to help bring stability to the platform and influence the future of the technology.

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