Big Data Security Part One: Introducing PacketPig

Big Data Security Part One: Introducing PacketPig by Michael Baker.

From the post:

Packetloop CTO Michael Baker (@cloudjunky) made a big splash when he presented ‘Finding Needles in Haystacks (the Size of Countries)‘ at Blackhat Europe earlier this year. The paper outlines a toolkit based on Apache Pig, Packetpig @packetpig (available on github), for doing network security monitoring and intrusion detection analysis on full packet captures using Hadoop.

In this series of posts, we’re going to introduce Big Data Security and explore using Packetpig on real full packet captures to understand and analyze networks. In this post, Michael will introduce big data security in the form of full data capture, Packetpig and Packetloop.

If you are a bit rusty on packets, TCP/IP, I could just wave my hands and say: “See the various tutorials.” and off you go to hunt something down.

Let me be more helpful than that and suggest: TCP/IP Tutorial and Technical Overview from the IBM RedBooks we were talking about earlier.

It’s not short (almost a thousand pages) but it isn’t W. Richards Stevens on the other hand (in three volumes). 😉

You won’t need all of either resource but it is better to start with too much than too little.

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