Making maps, part 1: Less interactivity

Making maps, part 1: Less interactivity

A six part series on making maps from the Chicago Tribune that has this gem in the first post:

Back to the beer-fueled map talk… so, how can we do this better? The answer quickly became obvious: borrow from paper. What’s great about paper maps?

  • Paper maps are BIG
  • Paper maps are high resolution (measured by DPI *and* information-density)
  • Paper maps are general at a distance and specific up close

What if most things on your page design didn’t jump, spin or flop on mouse-over?

Could you still delivery your content effectively?

Or have you mistaken interactivity for being effective?

On the other hand, are paper maps non-interactive?

I ask because I saw a book this past weekend that had no moving parts, popups, etc., but reading it you would swear it was interactive.

More on that in a future post.

I first saw this at PeteSearch.

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