Proposed urn:lex codes for US materials in MLZ

Proposed urn:lex codes for US materials in MLZ

From the post:

The MLZ styles rely on a urn:lex-like scheme for specifying the jurisdiction of primary legal materials. We will need to have at least a minimal set of jurisdction codes in place for the styles to be functional. The scheme to be used for this purpose is the subject of this post.

The urn:lex scheme is used in MLZ for the limited purpose of identifying jurisdictional scope: it is not a full document identifier, and does not carry information on the issuing institution itself. Even within this limited scope, the MLZ scheme diverges from the examples provided by the Cornell LII Lexcraft pages, in that the “federal” level is expressed as a geographic scope (set off by a semicolon), rather than as a distinct category of jurisdiction (appended by a period).

Unfortunate software isn’t designed to use existing identification systems.

On the other hand, computer identification systems started when computers were even dumber than they are now. Legacy issue I suppose.

If you are interested in “additional” legal identifier systems, or in the systems that use them, this should be of interest.

Or if you need to map such urn:lex codes to existing identifiers for the same materials. The ones used by people.

I first saw this at Legal Informatics.

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