Processing Public Data with R

Processing Public Data with R

From the post:

I use R aplenty in analysis and thought it might be worthwhile for some to see the typical process a relative newcomer goes through in extracting and analyzing public datasets

In this instance I happen to be looking at Canadian air pollution statistics.

The data I am interested in is available on the Ontario Ministry of Environment’s website. I have downloaded the hourly ozone readings from two weather stations (Grand Bend and Toronto West) for two years (2000 and 2011) which are available in several formats , including my preference, csv. According to the 2010 annual report from the Ministry, the two selected represent the extremes in readings for that year

I firstly set the directory in which the code and the associated datafiles will reside and import the data. I would normally load any R packages I will utilize at the head of the script (if not already in my start up file) but will hold off here until they are put to use.

I had to do a small amount of row deletion in the csv files so that only the readings data was included

A useful look at using R to manipulate public data.

Do you know of any articles on using R to output topic maps?

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