I Dream of “Jini”

The original title reads: Argus Labs Celebrates The Launch Of The Beta Version Of Jini, The App That Goes Beyond The Check-In, And Unveils 2012 Roadmap For The First Time. See what you think:

Argus Labs, a deep data, machine learning and mobile start-up operating out of Antwerp (Belgium), will celebrate the closed beta of the mobile application the night before LeWeb 2012 at Tiger-Tiger, Haymarket in London’s West-End. From 18th June, registered users will be able to download and start evaluating the first version of the intelligent application, called Jini.

Jini is a personal advisor that helps discover unknown relations and hyper-personalised opportunities. Jini feels best when helping the user out in serendipitous moments, or propose things that respond to the affinity its user has with its environment. Having access to hot opportunities and continuously being ‘in the know’ means a user can boost the quality of offline life.

Jini aims to raise the bar for private social networks by going beyond the check-in, saving the user the effort of doing too many manual actions. Jini applies machine learning with ambient sensing technology, so that the user can focus exclusively on having an awesome social sharing and discovery experience on smart-phones.

During the London launch event users will be able to sign up and exclusively download the first beta release of the app. The number of beta users is limited, so be fast. Argus Labs love to pioneer and will also have some goodies in store for the first 250 beta-users of the app.

See the post for registration information.

I sense a contradiction between being “…continuously being ‘in the know’ means a user can boost the quality of offline life.” How am I going to be ‘in the know’ if I am offline?

Still, I suspect there are opportunities here to merge diverse data sets to provide users with “hyper-personalized opportunities,” so long as it doesn’t interrupt one “hyper-personalized” situation to advise of another, potential “hyper-personalized” opportunity.

That would be like a phone call from an ex-girlfriend at an inopportune time. Bad joss.

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