Workshops Semantic knowledge solutions

Workshops Semantic knowledge solutions by Fiemke Griffioen.

From the post:

Morpheus is organizing a number of one-day workshops Semantic knowledge solutions about how knowledge applications can be developed within your organization. We show what the advantages are of gaining insight into your knowledge and sharing knowledge.

In the workshops our Kamala webapplication is used to model knowledge. Kamala is a web application for efficiently developing and sharing semantic knowledge and is based on the open source Topic Maps-engine Ontopia. Kamala is similar to the editor of Ontopia, Ontopoly, but more interactive and flexible because users require less knowledge of the Topic Maps data model in advance.

Since I haven’t covered Kamala before:

Kamala includes the following features:

  • Availability of the complete data model of Topic Maps standard
  • Navigation based on ontological structures
  • Search topics based on naming
  • Sharing topic maps with other users (optionally read-only)
  • Importing and exporting topic maps to the standard formats XTM, TMXML, LTM, CXTM, etc.
  • Querying topic maps with the TOLOG or TMQL query languages
  • Storing queries for simple repetition of the query
  • Validation of topic maps, so that ‘gaps’ in the knowledge model can be traced
  • Generating statistics

The following modules are available to expand Kamala’s core functionality:

  • Geo-module, so topics with a geotag can be placed on a map
  • Facet indexation for effective navigation based on classification

The workshops are on Landgoed Maarsbergen (That’s what I said, so I included the contact link, which has a map.)

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