Union Catalogs of Learning Objects: Why Not?

Union Catalogs of Learning Objects: Why Not? Author(s): Ana M.B. Pavani Keywords: Metadata – Learning Objects – Digital Libraries – Union Catalogs – Open Archives Inititative Protocol for Metadata Harvesting


This work presents a combined view of digital libraries, union catalogs and digital learning materials; union catalogs of metadata of ETD – Electronic Theses and Dissertations are shown as a paradigm. From this integrated view, and based on the existing ETD solution, it suggests that union catalogs of learning objects (digital learning materials with independent identities) be implemented with the participation of institutions worldwide. Open and free software solutions, and training are part of the overall proposed strategy.

More of a call to action than a specific proposal.

Worth reading to be reminded how important it is to share resources.

Even if, like the first cataloging venture in the 13th century, the work of sharing will never be done.

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