All Aboard for Quasi-Productive Stemming

All Aboard for Quasi-Productive Stemming by Bob Carpenter.

From the post:

One of the words Becky and I are having annotated for word sense (collecting 25 non-spam Mechanical Turk responses per word) is the nominal (noun) use of “board”.

One of the examples was drawn from a text with a typo where “aboard” was broken into two words, “a board”. I looked at the example, and being a huge fan of nautical fiction, said “board is very productive — we should have the nautical sense”. Then I thought a bit longer and had to admit I didn’t know what “board” meant all by itself. I did know a whole bunch of terms that involved “board” as a stem:

Highly entertaining post by Bob on the meanings of “board.”

I have a question: Which sense of board gets the URL:

Just curious.

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