Introducing Google Plugin for Eclipse 2.5

Simple development of App Engine apps using Cloud SQL – Introducing Google Plugin for Eclipse 2.5

From the post:

Since we added SQL support to App Engine in the form of Google Cloud SQL, the Google Plugin for Eclipse (GPE) team has been working hard on improving the developer experience for developing App Engine apps that can use a Cloud SQL instance as the backing database.

We are pleased to announce the availability of Google Plugin for Eclipse 2.5. GPE 2.5 simplifies app development by eliminating the need for manual tasks like copying Cloud JDBC drivers, setting classpaths, typing in JDBC URLs or filling in JVM arguments for connecting to local/remote database instances.

I don’t guess Google will mind my scraping that feedburner crap at the end of the URL off for this post. Why browsers don’t do that automatically it is hard to say.

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