MyFCC Platform Enables Government Data Mashups

MyFCC Platform Enables Government Data Mashups by Kin Lane.

From the post:

The FCC just launched a new tool that allows any user to custom build a dashboard from a variety of FCC released data, tools and services, built on the FCC API. The tool, called MyFCC, lets you create a customized FCC online experience for quick access to the tools and information you feel is most important. MyFCC make it possible to easily create, save and manage a customized page, choosing from a menu of 22 “widgets” such as, latest headlines and official documents, the daily digest, FCC forms and online filings.

Once you have built your customized MyFCC page, you can share your work using popular social network platforms, or embed on any other website. The platform allows for each widget to independently be shared, or embed the entire dashboard into another site.

Modulo my usual comments about subject identification and reuse of identifications, this is at least a step in the right direction.

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