Ambiguity in the Cloud

If you are interested at all in cloud computing and its adoption, you need to read US Government Cloud Computing Technology Roadmap Volume I Release 1.0 (Draft). I know, a title like that is hardly inviting. But read it anyway. Part of a three volume set, for the other volumes see: NIST Cloud Computing Program.

Would you care to wager on out of ten (10) requirements, how many cited a need for interoperability that is presently lacking due to different understandings, terminology, in other words, ambiguity?

Good decision.

The answer? 8 out of 10 requirements cited by NIST have interoperability as a component.

The plan from NIST is to develop a common model, which will be a useful exercise, but how do we discuss differing terminologies until we can arrive at a common one?

Or allow for discussion of previous SLAs, for example, after we have all moved onto a new terminology?

If you are looking for a “hot” topic that could benefit from the application of topic maps (as opposed to choir programs at your local church during the Great Depression) this could be the one. One of those is a demonstration of a commercial grade technology, the other is at best a local access channel offering. You pick which is which.

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