Who Is Using SharePoint? The Fortune 500 That Is Who

Who Is Using SharePoint? The Fortune 500 That Is Who

From the post (Beyond Search):

Oh boy! Our content wranglers found another great list and we are excited about it. Once more TopSharePoint.com pools its sources to gather twenty-five “Fortune 500 Companies Using SharePoint.

The title of the post is slightly misleading. From the TopSharePoint.com article:

Below you will find a list of few Fortune 500 companies using SharePoint technology for their public-facing websites. This review is trying to highlight the adoption of SharePoint in the corporate world as well as the customization level these companies accomplished.

So this list is only some of the Fortune 500 companies who are using SharePoint for their public-facing websites. That’s sounds like a much smaller number than the Beyond Search post would imply. Granting that I think search can be improved by any number of technologies, including topic maps, but let’s be correct in how we represent other posts. A list of Fortune 500 companies that use SharePoint would be quite longer than the one listed at TopSharePoint.com.

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