Our big data/total data survey is now live [the 451 Group]

Our big data/total data survey is now live [the 451 Group]

The post reads in part:

The 451 Group is conducting a survey into end user attitudes towards the potential benefits of ‘big data’ and new and emerging data management technologies.

In return for your participation, you will receive a copy of a forthcoming long-format report covering introducing Total Data, The 451 Group’s concept for explaining the changing data management landscape, which will include the results. Respondents will also have the opportunity to become members of TheInfoPro’s peer network.

Just a word about the survey.

Question 10 reads:

What is the primary platform used for storing and querying from each of the following types of data?

Good question but you have to choose one of three answers to put other (and say what “other” means), you are not allowed to skip any type of data.

Data types are:

  • Customer Data
  • Transactional Data
  • Online Transaction Data
  • Domain-specific Application Data (e.g., Trade Data in Financial Services, and Call Data in Telecoms)
  • Application Log Data
  • Web Log Data
  • Network Log Data
  • Other Log Files
  • Social Media/Online Data
  • Search Log
  • Audio/Video/Graphics
  • Other Documents/Content

Same thing happens for Question 11:

What is the primary platform used for each of the following analytics workloads?

Eleven required answers that I won’t bother to repeat here.

As a consultant I really don’t have serious iron/data on the premises but that doesn’t seem to occurred to the survey designers. Nor that even a major IT installation might not have all forms of data or analytics.

My solution? I just marked Hadoop on Questions 10 and 11 so I could get to the rest of the survey.

Q12. Which are the top three benefits associated with each of the following data management technologies?

Q13. Which are the top three challenges associated with each of the following data management technologies?

Q14. To what extent do you agree with the following statements? (which includes: “The enterprise data warehouse is the single version of the truth for business intelligence”

Questions 12 – 14 all require answers to all options.

Note the clever first agree/disagree statement for Q.14.

Someone will conduct a useful survey of business opinions about big data and likely responses to it.

Hopefully with a technical survey of the various options and their advantages/disadvantages.

Please let me know when you see it, I would like to point people to it.

(I completed this form on Sunday, October 2, 2011, around 11 AM Eastern time.)

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