MarkLogic: Beyond NoSQL

MarkLogic: Beyond NoSQL

From the post:

Even though the term, NoSQL, has issues, it’s become important.

Recently, leaders from several NoSQL projects (Riak, HBase, CouchDB, Neo4j) came together for a session at Gluecon. And while they came from divergent perspectives, they all basically agreed that the term had been very helpful to developers and architects in identifying their systems as new database and/or database-alternative technologies.

There have been numerous NoSQL taxonomies, discussions about them, and calls to move beyond them. And while it’s clear to us, as well as our friends and customers, that MarkLogic Server sits among these technologies, we haven’t yet fully described why NoSQL folks should pay attention. To that end, this post is a first step at explaining why and how we’re more than “yet another NoSQL system”. And I’ll start with some context for NoSQL folks.

You should read the post for yourself but suffice for me to say that MarkLogic is an XML database that sports a universal index of the elements, attributes, hierarchy of documents as well as their content.

If that doesn’t sound interesting, see: MarkMail, which is powered by a MarkLogic server.

Interested now?

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