Parallel Data Warehouse News and Hadoop Interoperability Plans

Parallel Data Warehouse News and Hadoop Interoperability Plans

From the MS SQL Server Team Blog:

In the data deluge faced by businesses, there is also an increasing need to store and analyze vast amounts of unstructured data including data from sensors, devices, bots and crawlers. By many accounts, almost 80% of what businesses store is unstructured data – and this volume is predicted to grow exponentially over the next decade. We have entered the age of Big Data. Our customers have been asking us to help store, manage, and analyze both structured and unstructured data – in particular, data stored in Hadoop environments. As a first step, we will soon release a Community Technology Preview (CTP) of two new Hadoop connectors – one for SQL Server and one for PDW. The connectors provide interoperability between SQL Server/PDW and Hadoop environments, enabling customers to transfer data between Hadoop and SQL Server/PDW. With these connectors, customers can more easily integrate Hadoop with their Microsoft Enterprise Data Warehouses and Business Intelligence solutions to gain deeper business insights from both structured and unstructured data.

I don’t have a SQL Server or a Parallel Data Warehouse so someone will need to contribute comments on the new Hadoop connectors when they appear.

I will note that the more seamless data interchange becomes, the greater user satisfaction with the tools they are called up to use. Which is a good thing for long term market share.

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